[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (2024)

This game is the most infamous racing game of the 2000s if not of all time. This game has the most insane fun races, and of course, each race gets spiced up by the cops coming in to take you down and slow your car down. So if you wanna race with the best, and escape the cops, you’re gonna need this car.

10. BMW M3

[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (1)

This Car is a legend for a reason

Even People who didn’t play Most Wanted will remember this car because of how iconic it is. The M3 was an absolute speed demon and could reach that speed in the blink of an eye. This car is the car you drive your first few races with, the car that gets stolen from you, and eventually becomes your final boss, saying this car is memorable is an understatement. This car is a bit lower because you don’t get to race as much as you’d like with this car, and honestly putting the main character is already cheating, but still, this car is an icon for people who have never even played the game.

What's Great About BMW M3:

  • Super Smooth Riding experience
  • Super fast and super quick = recipe for some high speed
  • Absolute legend status, even for those who never played Most Wanted

BMW M3 stats:

  • Acceleration- A+
  • Top Speed - A+
  • Handling - B

9. Chevrolet Cobalt SS

[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (2)

My pick for the best starter car

While half of you may have never heard of this car before trusting me this car’s amazing. While it may not look like much at the start, if you treat this thing with love, it’s gonna shine even against the end-game rivals. The Cobalt has the best acceleration among the starting cars, and is 1000 dollars cheaper, which isn’t a lot, but that money matters at the start, you can transform this thing into a tuner masterpiece or a sleeping nightmare. While all starter cars are pretty weak at the beginning, this car just has that x-factor.

What's Great About the Cobalt SS:

  • Perfect unassuming beast
  • Can be tuned to beat even Lambo’s and other final-game cars
  • Top tier in every aspect if you decide to mod it well enough
  • The best starter car you can pick

Chevrolet Cobalt stats:

  • Acceleration - A+
  • Top Speed - A+
  • Handling - A+

8. Toyota Supra

[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (3)

The underrated dragster

Go to the Window and to the wall with this Night time terror. While there are tons of options for goated Drag racing cars, the Supra is my pick for the best one. It was a toss-up between the Supra and Mustang, but the Supra wins out with its overall better stats, making this car dangerous even in Sprints and Laps. No car can quite match this epic JDM masterpiece.

What's Great About the Supra:

  • Another Iconic JDM masterpiece
  • Absolutely beastly when tuned up
  • This car can drag race against the best, and also ride out better than your average car in races.

Toyota Supra stats:

  • Acceleration - A+
  • Top Speed - A+
  • Handling - B+

7. Subaru Imprezaa WRX STi

[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (4)

The best all-around car out there.

If this car can kick butt in mud and jungles, then I can kick butt in the streets. The Impreza is actually better than the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo in this game. The Impreza continues to be that car that just has everything, handling, speed, acceleration, and of course, it has aesthetics as well. Now you can prove for yourself if this truly is the car that can beat the Lancer Evo.

What's Great About the Impreza:

  • Another car that is just a beast at everything
  • The Impreza’s handling is some of the best in the game, even without modding and tuning
  • Drift machine but also super zippy

Impreza stats:

  • Acceleration - A-
  • Top Speed - B+
  • Handling - A

6. Aston Martin DB9

[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (5)

The Aston Martin is still absolutely classy

You may not realize it, but the UK makes some seriously fancy, and seriously speedy cars, that would make the queen proud. Few cars can look as classy as the Aston Martin while also being absolutely monstrous as a racecar. The Aston Martin. The Aston Martin rocks that super clean exterior and has that insane speed that’s close to supercar status. Thi car be modded into even crazier heights but as is this car is goated. If this car was good enough for James Bond, then it can service your street racing needs.

What's Great About the Aston Martin:

  • Absolutely stunning looks
  • Looks match its insane performance and speed
  • Absolutely demonlike speed and acceleration
  • One of those cars that can compete with bone-stock parts

Aston Martin stats:

  • Acceleration - A
  • Top Speed - A
  • Handling - A

5. Alfa Romeo 4c

[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (6)

That car that is in between a sports car and a supercar

Italy continues to be the birthplace of some monster supercars, even when you’re on a budget, The Alfa Romeo 4c is that car that hangs in the balance between committing to a full-on supercar, and not breaking the bank by buying a sports car. This car is small but it is zippy with its top speed and acceleration. By choosing this car, you’ll truly have the best of both worlds.

What's Great About Alfa Romeo 4c:

  • This car is super at handling tight corners
  • Can be modded to be just as good as supercars
  • Dominates the lower tier of cars it’s grouped with

Alfa Romeo 4c stats:

  • Acceleration- B+
  • Top Speed - A
  • Handling - A+

4. Porsche 911 Carrera S

[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (7)

There’s a reason why Porsche's are iconic

This adorable car has the heart and soul of a roaring tiger. The Porsche 911 is an absolutely classy car, there are tons of different Porsches in the game, whether it’s the entry-level Cayman S or the turbo. This car is in that Middle tier, wherein it’s already really good but when modded this thing is a demon. This car simply looks smooth, and the driving experience itself is also smooth with how good of an all-around car it is. The absolute best bang for your buck when it comes to the cavalcade of Porsches in this game.

What's Great About the Carrera 911:

  • The most effective Porsche in the game
  • Already good stock, even more of a beast tuned up
  • Few cars handle like this one

Porsche Carrera 911 stats:

  • Acceleration - A
  • Top Speed - A
  • Handling - A

3. Lamborghini Murcielago

[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (8)

It’s a Lambo, you know it’s gonna be amazing

Have no mercy on your opponents as you wreck them with your Murcie. One of the first of the end-game cars, and one of the two Lamborghini you can go for in-game, the Murcielago, however, is much more of a powerhouse than the Gallardo. The car is a masterclass of a supercar with only a few cars being able to stop it. Now go out there and wreak havoc revving your Lambo.

What's Great About the Murcielago:

  • No car can beat the looks of a Lamborghini
  • Absolutely amazing handling for a supercar
  • Can beat anyone when boosted up and tuned

Lamborghini Murcielago stats:

  • Acceleration - A
  • Top Speed - A
  • Handling - A+

2. Chevrolet Corvette

[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (9)

The Corvette is a beast on tracks and is just as beastly in the streets

Believe it or not, this car is actually technically not a supercar. The Corvette is a sports car that can just absolutely dominate even the best Supercars. The Corvette is super amazing, and when this car is boosted up it will beat even the sickest of Supercars with ease. Go out there and have a borderline unfair advantage driving this Track car in the streets.

What's Great About the Corvette:

  • The Corvette just smashes the competition with how sick it is
  • This car is an absolute beauty even unmodded
  • A Supercar killer

Corvette stats:

  • Acceleration - A+
  • Top Speed - A+
  • Handling - A+

1. Porsche Carrera GT

[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (10)

If there is a Hall of Fame for cars, this car should be first in line

This car is quite a step above your average Porsche. The Porsche Carrera GT is an icon of a Supercar. The Carrera GT is an absolute monster to handle but it can drive like no other car. This car is simply out of the gates already better than 90% of the other cars in the game, with mods this car is the greatest. You can find out by yourself if this car is deserving of the title of the best car as soon as you touch the wheel.

What's Great About Porsche Carrera GT:

  • One of the greatest cars of all time
  • All around beast in all aspects
  • The best car you can buy
  • Bone stock can beat the game’s best cars
  • When modded this car is unbeatable

Porsche Carrera GT stats:

  • Acceleration - A+
  • Top Speed - A+
  • Handling - A+
[Top 10] Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cars (Ranked) (2024)
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